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Dental Implants2022-11-05T10:54:01+00:00

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a highly researched, predictable, conservative, and elegant method of replacing missing teeth and a solution that mimics as closely as possible the natural tooth. A commercially pure titanium post is placed in the jawbone and acts like the root of a natural tooth. The top restoration can be fixed permanently (like a crown or a bridge) or attached to let you remove them for cleaning (like a denture).

Any patient who has missing teeth could be eligible for treatment with the use of dental implants. We can confirm your suitability through proper consultation and examination. Contact us to arrange an implant consultation, and we will let you know the possibilities. Our team will be happy to help you with any questions.

Implantation Procedure

Implant treatment typically has two stages. We first place the implant in the jaw during a highly controlled and precise surgical procedure. Then, when the jaw has healed, replacement teeth are attached to the implant. In some controlled situations, we could deliver temporary teeth immediately after surgery.


New Procedures

Guided dental implant placement is a state-of-the-art technology by which we locate the dental implant fixture to its best future site by utilizing the 3D radiography technique and sophisticated planning software. The verified planning is then transferred to the patient’s mouth through a 3D-printed guide attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap under operation. Then, the dental implant screw is guardedly and precisely placed into its pre-planned place without needing to open the gums surgically.

More Questions?

What is a dental implant?2022-10-08T17:48:25+00:00

Dental implants are a way of providing fixed restorations for gaps in the dentition where otherwise only removable prostheses would be possible. Basically, a dental implant is a type of screw made of titanium that is inserted into the jawbone under local anaesthetic. An implant is a replacement for the lost natural tooth root. A tooth-coloured crown/bridge or even denture is then attached to the dental implants.

What is computer-guided implantation?2022-10-09T09:13:27+00:00

With the help of the latest three-dimensional X-ray technology, a three-dimensional scan of the teeth and suitable software, it is possible to carry out the implantation computer-guided. Computer-guided, navigated implantology makes it possible for us in our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to place the implant without surgery and cutting open in almost all cases.

How does computer-guided implantation work?2022-10-08T17:54:00+00:00

In the run-up to the implantation, the bone supply and the nerve courses are analysed by our dentists. Then the future tooth replacement is planned in detail. Based on this planning, a template is created which is used for the implantation. The template ensures that the implant is placed in exactly the same position as the implant was previously planned. In this way, a low-risk implantation can be ensured. Since the implant position in the bone is defined by the template, we can place the implant through the gum. It is no longer necessary to cut open to surgically inspect the bone.

What do I have to pay attention to with dental implants?2022-10-08T17:54:16+00:00

In order to maintain an implant for a long time, it must be cleaned daily, just like a natural tooth, even in the home environment. Regular professional dental cleanings in the practice should be attended to.

What are the new methods of dental implantation?2022-10-08T17:54:54+00:00

Based on a 3D X-ray and a 3D scan of the teeth, a careful planning of the implant position can be made. This means that our implants can be placed in a short time frame without incisions or major surgery. In these cases, not even a suture is necessary.

Does a dental implant hurt?2022-10-08T17:55:13+00:00

The implantation itself is done under anaesthesia. The patient feels pressure during the procedure. The implantation is usually painless. If a navigated implantation is performed, as explained in the article above, the entire treatment can be carried out painlessly. Not even a suture is necessary in these cases.

What are the best dental implants?2022-10-08T17:55:56+00:00

Implants made of titanium have proven themselves over many decades. With titanium, numerous scientific studies have shown that the tolerance is excellent. There are also implants made of ceramics, these are also well studied, but there are not many long-term studies as with titanium implants. In our dental practice in Bochum we only use implants from brand manufacturers and strictly reject cheap imitations from abroad!

How long is the guarantee on implants?2022-10-08T17:56:14+00:00

The implant system we use in our dental practice in Bochum is one of the most widely used and best researched implant systems in the world. Due to our qualifications and partnership with the world market leader in dental implants, our patients are given a lifetime international guarantee on the implants.

Who are dental implants not suitable for?2022-10-08T17:56:54+00:00

Basically, implants are very well tolerated. Especially if a high-quality system is used and the treatment is carried out according to the latest standards. However, there are general medical reasons for exclusion such as osteoporosis or uncontrolled diabetes mellitus. In our dental practice in Bochum we do everything possible to guarantee you the best treatment safety.

How high is the health insurance subsidy for dental implants?2022-10-08T17:58:09+00:00

The statutory health insurance funds only pay for implants in exceptional cases, but they do provide a subsidy for the subsequent provision of dental prostheses such as dentures or crowns and bridges.

What is a sinus lift?2022-10-09T09:15:50+00:00

A sinus lift is a treatment method for the upper jaw to raise the maxillary sinus a little. This is done to create more space for the implant in the bone. In most cases, this procedure is not necessary, especially with a 3D X-ray and computer-guided implantology, it can often be avoided. If a sinus lift is necessary, a distinction is made between an internal and an external sinus lift. While the internal sinus lift is rather a minor procedure, the external sinus lift poses other challenges. In our clinic in Abu Dhabi, we try to use the patient’s own bone as much as possible in order to avoid a sinus lift altogether. If you are looking for more information about sinus lifts, you can find an interesting page here.

What does a dental implant cost?2022-10-09T09:17:23+00:00

The costs for a dental implant in our Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi are around 10.000 AED per implant. Depending on the complexity of the individual situation, it can cost less, or a little more if bone augmentation is necessary. The more implants are placed per jaw, the cheaper the costs per implant become. For example, 4 implants in one jaw cost less than 20.000 AED. In addition, there are the costs for the dental prosthesis, such as a crown, which is placed on the implant. The price for this varies and depends on the subsidy from the health insurance company. The costs can be financed interest-free for up to 24 months. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

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