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Aligners are removable orthodontic devices that move your teeth to their best possible positions in the arch. They also work to make your bite more functional with minor traumatic forces.

Aligners fit the shape of your teeth and can be retained in their place by such intimate fitness. In addition, they are removable, hence more hygienic in cleaning and daily care measures.

Invisible Aligners have undergone significant development and improvement and are now considered effective orthodontic appliances.

Aligners treat minor to moderate orthodontic issues and problems such as misaligned teeth and improper bites. Besides their significant role in aligning your teeth, these devices are excellent as they can even look more into your dental aesthetics and help make your smile more beautiful.

When Do You Expect A Noticeable Result?

Aligners gradually align your teeth in order not to harm your teeth and to minimise discomfort.

The time for the results to be noticeable may vary among patients. Nevertheless, many patients must notice some initial changes after 12 weeks.

More Questions?

Are Aligners Better Than Metal Braces?2022-10-23T09:36:21+00:00

Metal braces produce more vital moving forces. Hence, they are more able to treat difficult and complex cases. Nonetheless, aligners nowadays have greatly improved and can, with the aid of some additional supporting structures, produce predictable results when chosen for treating advanced orthodontic scenarios.

Do Aligners Make My Eating Difficult?2022-10-23T09:36:42+00:00

The great news is that you can eat and drink anything with aligners! In addition, aligners are removable, so you can take them out for meals and eat anything you want.

Are Aligners Painful?2022-10-23T09:36:58+00:00

No! Aligners are not painful. They may cause some annoying feeling of being tight on their holding teeth, or they may be causing temporary teeth or gums soreness but never painful.

Are Aligners Safe?2022-10-23T09:37:22+00:00

Aligners made by well-known companies are safe. They are made from certified medical resin and don’t induce toxic or harmful effects.


Are Aligners Expensive?2022-10-23T09:37:49+00:00

The cost may vary from one patient to another, from one manufacturing company to another, and among different countries. However, their average cost range varies from AED 20,000 to AED 30,000.

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