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Braces are orthodontic devices that could treat issues such as crowding, crooked teeth, or teeth that are out of proper arch positions. These devices can correct alignment and bite problems and bring your teeth and the surrounding facial structures to their best appearance and function.

the dentist shows how the system of braces on teeth is arranged
Side view picture of woman's smile with clear dental braces on teeth against blanked background

The best age to seek orthodontic advice is between 9 and 14 when the child is growing and does not reach maturity. During this time, it is much easier for your orthodontist to work on your teeth’ positions and the holding jaw bones. Nevertheless, orthodontic treatment is possible at later ages. However, longer treatment time is needed as the teeth movement process is slower after puberty.

When Do You Expect A Noticeable Result?

In most cases, it may take 18 to 24 months to achieve the targeted results and complete an orthodontic treatment. However, some patients may require shorter or longer treatment times based on the severity of their orthodontic issues.

More Questions?

Do Braces Change My Face?2022-10-22T10:30:51+00:00

No! They don’t. Braces don’t change the appearance of your face. Nevertheless, they may indirectly improve your facial expressions by adjusting how your teeth support the outer facial structures, such as lips and cheeks.

Are Braces Better Than Aligner?2022-10-22T10:31:21+00:00

Braces are more efficient in treating difficult and complex cases based on their ability to produce directed and more vital moving forces. Hence, braces provide a broad spectrum of treatment options to patients who seek management for their alignment and bite issues.

Do Braces Make My Eating Difficult?2022-10-22T10:32:17+00:00

Unfortunately, you may need to customise your food and eating patterns during a brace-based orthodontic treatment. For example, hard, chewy, crunchy, sticky food, etc., must be reduced and best avoided to prevent damaging the braces and the wires and lower the need for repairs.

Are Braces Painful?2022-10-22T10:32:59+00:00

The placement of braces on the teeth is not a painful step. Hence, no reason to be nervous about the bonding appointment. However, there may be mild soreness or discomfort during the activation phase when an orthodontic wire is inserted into the brackets and activated. Such feelings may last a few days and improve your overall experience.

Are Braces Safe?2022-10-22T10:33:19+00:00

Yes! Braces are safe. The metal alloys used in braces treatment are free of harmful chemicals, easy to clean, and stain- and corrosion-resistant.

Are Braces Expensive?2022-10-22T10:34:03+00:00

The cost of braces placement is AED 4200. Then, monthly installments of AED 420 will be collected throughout the treatment journey until completed. You may pay an additional cost if your case requires some other treatment modifications, such as the need to use mini orthodontic implants.

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