Holistic Dental Center aims to provide dental care of a consistent quality for all patients; we strive to meet the highest standards expected in any clinical setting. We expect all members of our dental team to work to these standards to help us achieve our aim of providing a quality service. Our management systems define each practice member’s responsibilities when looking after you.

The policies, systems and processes in place in our practice reflect our professional and legal responsibilities and follow recognized international standards of good practice.

At Holistic Dental Center, we aim to achieve the best outcomes for our patients through clear policies and systems and appropriately trained and competent team members. We evaluate our practice on a regular basis through audit, peer review and patient feedback and monitor the effectiveness of our quality assurance procedures.

Our quality policy is to have a successful practice by providing a standard of service that consistently satisfies the needs and expectations of our patients. This level of quality is achieved through careful management in a safe and continually improving environment.

Our quality management system is implemented through training and is improved by regular review, it ensures that:

  • All our dental care is of a consistent quality
  • Effective measures of infection control are used
  • All legal requirements relating to health and safety in the workplace are satisfied
  • All legal requirements relating to the safe use of x-ray equipment are satisfied
  • Any requirements of the Abu Dhabi DoH in respect of the continuing professional development of dentists and the dental team are satisfied

Our quality objectives are:

To maintain and improve the level of quality in all aspects of the patient’s visit from the initial contact with the practice to the completion of patient care. It is our aim that patients enjoy an excellent experience as a result of the care they receive with us. Total patient satisfaction is our primary aim.

Our quality objectives are:

  • To offer specialist or other treatments to a high standard
  • To provide the most clinically effective treatments to our patients
  • To earn a reputation for providing complete patient satisfaction at all times so as to retain our existing patients and win new patients
  • To improve our internal systems of communication and administration so as to improve our service and increase our efficiency