What is root canal treatment (RCT)?

Root Canal treatment (RCT) is when the pulp cavity and root canal become infected and needs to be removed. The infected pulp cavity tissue can be caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and have managed to make their way into your tooth, either by:

  • Tooth decay
  • Leaky fillings
  • Dental Trauma
  • Repeated dental treatment on tooth
  • Deep cracks in the tooth

What happens during root canal treatment?

Once the tooth has been identified that it requires a root canal treatment then you would require generally 2 appointments under local anesthesia to have the treatment completed. We use state-of-the-art technology to help us perform the best treatment for you. Local anesthetic for this procedure means that it should not be painful.

During these appointments, the infected tissue will be removed using specialized small files.  The inside of the root canal is then cleaned, disinfected and shaped with these files.  This removes all the bacteria from the inside of the tooth. Once the root canal has been completely cleared of all bacteria, the tooth will then be filled with a rubber like material called Gutta-Percha.

In order to give your root filled tooth the best chance, we would recommend that the tooth is prepared for a crown (particularly a molar or a premolar tooth). This would ensure that the tooth is fully protected and prevent fracture of the tooth that may necessitate extraction of other successfully treated teeth.

What happens after root canal treatment?

You may require over the counter painkillers for a few days after treatment has been completed.  The tooth should not feel painful but the area may feel slightly sensitive, just because we have been working on it.